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AGF Performing Arts

These classes are available to all students aged 13 upwards and give the opportunity to work on contemporary and classical texts.

Every few weeks we read and study a new play analysing the text and characters as well as researching the playwright. A folder is kept so that students can file all work covered.

The Play Reading lessons are an essential tool for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the arts as they give a great introduction to new plays as well as new playwrights. The sessions also help students when needing to find plays for new speeches which can be used for future auditions which is something  a lot of students struggle with.

Please note that plays need to be purchased by each student so that is an additional cost to the lesson, usually in the region of £3 - £8 for every new playtext.


"The best thing about play reading is that everyone can share opinions on a play which enhances not only your understanding and knowledge of the play/author, but everyone else's as we all can share different views on the storyline and characters. It also introduces you to different characters and mono/duologues that you may wish to keep using at a later date. I would recommend play reading as it expands your knowledge and also builds confidence when reading aloud with the group." 


"I had not read a play/book since primary school, 4 years ago, but by joining play reading it has made me realise how much I used to enjoy reading. I feel I am more confident in reading aloud within a group and I can understand different genres of books. In play reading, I like how everyone has their own opinion on different aspects of the book, it makes you see things from different angles."


"I think that play reading is very good and I highly recommend it for people who have dyslexia or generally struggle to read as someone who has borderline dyslexia it has helped me read with speed, be able to pronounce words and even help me to spell. Overall I have really enjoyed play reading it's always gonna help me and widen my knowledge of plays." 

AGF Performing Arts

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