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AGF Performing Arts

How do I join?
Firstly, please show your interest by sending us an email via 'Contact us' on our website. We will then register you to join in one of our Audition sessions 
at a non-refundable cost of £25

What will I be expected to do at my audition?
You will join in our Thursday workshops (Junior 4.30-6.00pm or Inter/Senior 6.00-8.00pm, depending on your age) with current students. Although the workshops are designed to be fun, they will also give you an insight to the sort of work we do (improvisation, acting techniques, performance enhancement, confidence building, to name but a few). You will be 'challenged' in the workshop, but all of this is done in a friendly, nurturing environment, and is nothing to worry about! We may also ask you to sing a verse/chorus of a song, but this is often dependent on time. However, if you think that singing is something you do well and you would like us to hear you, please let us know.

What happens after the audition?
We will send you an email, asking you if you enjoyed it and whether or not you would like to join us. Hopefully the answer will be 'Yes' and we will then send you a copy of our terms and conditions.
You need to read this carefully before accepting, and to also bear in mind that at AGF, although we nurture our students, we also challenge them in the work that we give them, after all what's the point of making it too easy, what will they learn? In the end, we believe this will not only improve their 'acting and performance skills', but also go towards building well rounded, self assured individuals. However, this takes time, it isn't achieved over just a few lessons. But with commitment, hard work, courage and a lot of support from parents, the rewards are worth waiting for and you will have a lot of fun getting there! All students are accepted on a trial basis of at least 10 weeks after which there will be an assessment of your childs progress.

When can I join?
Once you have accepted our terms and conditions, you can join our Thursday workshops straight away unless we are in the middle of a 'project', where the next suitable joining date will be given. We also have other lessons that you will be more than welcome to join such as: Singing and Play reading, and once you have been with us for a while, and are old enough, you may be asked to join our Profile lessons, which are by invitation only (all details on our website)

How much are lessons and how do I pay?
Lesson Prices as follows:
Junior workshop: £10.00
Inter/Senior Workshop: £15.00
Profile Lesson: £5.50
Play Reading: £5.00 (£3.50 for Profile students)
Group Singing Lessons: £7.00 (Approx 4 to a group, 30mins)
Private Singing Lessons: £16.00
LAMDA 1-2-1 Lessons: £10.00 
Exclusive Film Club (EFC): £3.00
Adult Choir: £5.00 (paid monthly)

If we do extra rehearsals, we also charge a minimal fee.
Invoices are paid in 10 weekly blocks

ALL FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE and all late fees will incur a £5.00 charge to cover administration and bank charges.

ALL fees MUST be paid regardless of absence, including: Holidays, Illness or anything else. HOWEVER, should you for some reason need to put your place on hold for 10+ weeks (NO LESS) you WILL STILL BE EXPECTED to pay for those weeks, in advance, but on your return, the next 10 weeks will be will be charged at half price. 

UNFORTUNATELY, anyone taking a 'break' without paying the said fees in advance, regrettably, will not be able to return.

What day do you run the classes?
All classes run Monday to Thursday. Please check our 'Timetable' to find the appropriate time.

Will I get the chance to perform?
You will get many opportunities to perform! We do various productions throughout the year, and often provide students for professional touring productions. We also offer 'specialist' workshops, many with industry professionals! There is always something going on!

How do I get to join your agency?
The agency is down to the discrepancy of AGF. If we have a vacancy for your 'casting type' and we believe you will represent us in a positive way, then we may approach you!
Please Note: There is a small registration fee of £25.00 for anyone who wishes to join the agency which covers all administration costs.

Term Dates

January 3rd- August 16th 2018


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AGF Performing Arts

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