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The Edinburgh Festival, is a festival of theatre and performance, held annually in Edinburgh every August. The festival is open to anyone to take part, and is not only an excellent opportunity to experience working for a company on all aspects of a production, but it also allows for the possibility to watch and be inspired by some innovative and truly excellent pieces of theatre.

AGF took about 15 students to perform The Rimers of Eldritch, by Lanford Wilson which meant living together, eating together, marketing the show along the Royal Mile, setting up the show and of course performing......We were delighted to receive 4 stars from a renowned 'harsh' theatre critic.

''There was a moment of dismay that hit me in the opening seconds of this production, as the stage lighting began to flit onto characters seemingly at random before quickly, and with moderate welcome, the play stopped to allow a defective unit to be replaced. Thankfully this was an easily overcome problem which could have scuppered the entire production, and to see it readily and unflinchingly overcome gives some credit to the crew and cast for having the guts to stop matters and ensure the audience got what they paid for.

What they received was Lanford Wilson's bible belt opus about the occasionally confusing and often hypocritical actions of a doomed community faced with a tragedy that they are both unwilling and unable to comprehend or admit to themselves.

The story is told piecemeal in short snippets in an, at first, confusing but ultimately enlightening series of moments that fit together this mysterious tale. It's clear from the outset that a crime has been committed and fairly soon that someone has died, however enough non sequiturs and red herrings are thrown into the mix to keep matters unclear until the final moments. The actors were uniformly good while working with such a challenging piece, and it was only the pacing and slow beginning, combined with the occasional inaudible dialogue and outright confusing narrative style inherent to the play, that would lessen my recommendation of it. As it stands, it's a fine piece of solid theatre; just don't expect to understand what you're seeing until the very end.''

Graeme Strachan

AGF Performing Arts

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