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Summer School

Summer School 2017
 will run for 2 weeks between 31st July and 12th August. Summer School runs daily, 10am - 4pm (excluding weekends) for 2 weeks with performances at the end of rehearsals on August 12th.

Venue -College Street Centre, Nottingham.

Time: 10am-4pm daily

Cost: £175 for two weeks


(Non Refundable Deposit of £25.00 payable BEFORE APRIL 3RD)

Please note: The remaining £150.00 fee is to be paid in 2 installments... Dates for these are as follows:

Friday May 5th - £75.00

Friday June 30th - £75.00

Please see below some testimonials collected after Summer School 

Mia ... I really enjoyed it, and definitely want to do it again next year. I got to know people who I wouldn't normally talk to in lessons and I really enjoyed the whole thing of doing a play. I learnt a bit about being independent too.

Lucy...... There are so many reasons why I enjoyed doing it including, working with Josh on the different songs for the production and discovering the different ranges I can sing. I have learnt that we need to respect others around us, whether they are working or not, and also on the acting sides of things, I have learnt to take notice of my surroundings and spatial awareness. I would definitely do the summer school again, it was an amazing experience!.

Amelia ... I really enjoyed it, and would like to do it again next year although I can't say what it was in particular that I enjoyed or learnt!!

Megan.....I really enjoyed summer school, as it was my first one I was very unsure as to what it would be like but found it can be 2 of the greatest weeks of the year! It's not an easy ride and it's hard work but the benefits at the end are well worth it and show that what you put in truly reflects what is produced.

Kaydon....I really enjoyed the summer school because I feel that not only did it help to develop me as an actor, but it helped bring me closer to the AGF crew! I learnt to learn lines quicker as I had problems learning lines before and I would definitely do it again because it would only benefit me as a person and actor

Rhona, from her Mum!......She totally loved the summer school, loved being with the others of mixed ages and felt very nurtured both by yourselves, Amanda's, and the older members. At times the hours were long and hot but were highly enjoyable. Rhona learned that if she put effort in, she got the results, that she had to rely on herself but also watch others back. There is no such thing as a free dinner and the play was reliant on everyone working together.

Fiona.....A parents perspective........I enjoyed dropping Rhona off at a place she was keen to be and picking her up in the evening when she was tired but excited by her days work. As a parent I have loved being able to help out and being included in decision making along the way. I have valued the honesty of the teachers and the discussions around professional attitudes in the theatre industry. I suppose the only issue was the lack of a theatre for the performance, however, this was used as a lesson in itself that theatre is more than the space that it is performed in. It was superb. What makes AGF the best is undoubtedly the professional attitude of the teachers and the realism that this brings to the student learning. If parents want their children to be pretty princesses or cute pirates, this is not the place. Princesses as well as pirates have attitude and professional sassy -ness in bucket loads.

Luchia....I thoroughly enjoyed the rehearsals and the production of Parade. I loved learning about a play I had never heard of and didn't know anything about. Realising it was a true story caught my attention and I wanted to know more about the story which made me research and read up upon it in more detail. Throughout out the two weeks everyone became a lot closer. Even the people who didn't go to AGF, and it felt as though we were all part of one 'unit' a 'company' in fact! I would most defiantly do the summer production again as it gave me an insight to what it could be like to work professionally on a production and the 'does and don'ts' of working in a theatre environment.

Jonny.....I really enjoyed the summer school because it was really fun to work with everyone. I believed I improved over the two weeks with everyone's help. I think I learnt how to project more than what I have been doing. I would love to do it again it was so much fun and I thought it was incredible being on stage.

Harry.....I really enjoyed being part of this years summer school. It was great spending each day surrounded by friends and doing what we enjoy. I would definitely do more summer schools in the future because not only are they good chances to learn and practice, but they also bring everyone together as a group. People who have done a summer school with AGF will know that it really pays off in the end, and all the hard work and effort put in only makes in final production even more worth it.
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